"Vigorous Summer, Who and Competition" Jinzhou Hanna hosted the 4th Basketball Friendship Competition

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In order to enrich staff's recreational life, strengthen communication and exchanges among employees of various departments, and create a united, harmonious and uplifting working atmosphere, from June 11 to July 17, the 4th basketball friendship match of "Vigorous Summer, Who and Competition" (i.e. 5 pairs of 5 full court basketball matches and relay shooting team matches) was held in Hanna. The field was successfully held.

All departments of the company responded positively and organized teams to participate in the competition. There are 6 basketball teams, 22 men's basketball teams, 8 women's basketball teams and 17 mixed basketball teams in this competition. PK is based on single-cycle integral method. Despite the hot weather, the team members were full of enthusiasm and high morale.

The atmosphere on the spot was also very active. The cheers and shouts made the atmosphere of basketball match keep warming up. In the match, the players not only displayed professional basketball skills, dribbling, shooting and other skills, which drew the audience to applause and scream.

Encouraged by everyone's expectation and the cry of friendship, after more than a month of fierce competition and hard fighting, the old Gunners won the championship of the basketball match, the new factory warriors and Revengers won the second and third runners-up respectively; the wild boar Page, the old guns and the Rockets won the top three men's shooting* Sure enough, the top three women's shooting teams are the strong team, the second team of women's purchasing department and Jun Jingming team, while the first team of dragon slaughter team, nightmare advent team and the first team of mixed purchasing department has won the triple top of mixed shooting category.

This competition is based on the principle of "Friendship First, Competition Second", so that employees can relax their body and mind, feel the strength and warmth of the collective after tense work. It not only strengthens the communication and understanding between the various project departments, but also strengthens the awareness of employees'physical exercise and team cooperation, so as to promote the development of Jinzhou Hanna. Build a self-confident, sunshine, full of vitality and dare to fight the enterprise atmosphere. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of "happy work, happy life", from the perspective of promoting the physical and mental health of employees, more and better organize colorful cultural activities, enrich the company's corporate culture construction, and promote the vigorous and rapid development of Jinzhou Hannah.